U9 Co-ed Rules

U9 Page

 Important Information

  1. All games will start at 7:00 pm.

  2. All games will consist of 2 x 25 minute periods with a 5 minute interval.

  3. The two coaches can agree to add a mid-half break for water if they decide it is necessary due to extreme heat. They must inform the referee of this decision before the game begins.

  4. Each team will field 7 players at a time, one of which must be designated as the goalkeeper.

  5. Substitutions can take place at any stoppage in play, with the referee’s approval.

  6. Coaches must remain off the field of play during the game.

  7. Each team should provide one lines person to indicate to the referee when the ball has passed out of the field of play. It is suggested the teams set up on opposite sides of the field of play in order to cover the whole field.

  8. All referee decisions are final.

  9. At no time will a coach allow her/himself, nor any player or parent/guest connected to her/his team, to argue with, berate or otherwise verbally or physically abuse the referee.

  10. Notwithstanding the unique rules described above, each game will be governed by the FIFA Laws of The Game – 2006. This includes offside and hand ball.

  11. At the end of each game the home coach will provide the score to the convener, Anita Deline.

  1. If adverse weather makes it necessary for the home team to postpone a game, the home coach must phone the visiting coach by no later than 5:30 pm on the day of the game. This will allow the visiting coach to contact all of her/his players before they leave for the game. The contact information for all coaches is attached to this schedule. Once a decision to postpone a game has been made it cannot be reversed. It will be the home team coach’s responsibility to make sure the referee is informed if a game is postponed for any reason.

**The visiting coach must not make a decision to postpone a game. Only the home coach or home club can postpone a game. If the visiting coach and her/his players do not receive a call telling them that a game has been postponed, they must assume it is still on and travel to the game.

  1. All postponed games will be rescheduled by the convener in consultation with both coaches involved. It is most likely that rescheduled games will be played on the Tuesday of the following week as long as this is agreeable to both teams.