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Congratulations League Champions!!  Tournament win in Exeter on July 19th

 Congratulations on Tournament win in Lambeth July 5 click to see celebration video (if experiencing trouble viewing right click and save target as)

Game Report

League Final Tournament July 19th - League Champs!!

Hey Dennis here once more. Had a busy last week and a half or so. We finished off the season on the 10th with an impressive come from behind 5-3 win over an Exeter team who we leap frogged over into 2nd place as we finished with a record of 6 wins 2 ties and one loss in the league with that loss being the very first game of the season. Great season guys.
   Now to our year end tournament. Since we finished 2nd in the league we were up against the other 3 top teams in the tournament 2 of them which we beat earlier in the season and the top team which we tied in the season as well.
   We started out the tournament against the first place team Exeter Red and were in for a tough game.  Callie Van Massenhoven started in goal and played hard and made some nice stops. We got the game rolling with the first goal by Matt Talbot with hard work from Hayden Herlick and Dylan Walsh as well. Exeter tied it later on on a low shot on the left side that beat our keeper and thats the way the half ended. In the second half Truen Powell went in Goal and played very well making good saves when needed. This game though seemed to turn on a penalty shot call against us that appeared to be questionable from the sidelines as one of our players was hit in the stomach area with the ball and it being called a hand ball. Exeter scored on the penalty shot to make it 2-1 and we couldn't quite rebound from the goal after that as it seemed to deflate us a little. Exeter scored one more 5 minutes later and made it 3-1 the way it ended. We all played strong including Nathan Campbell Amanda Vandersanden, Lauryn Peeters up front as well as Caleb Jutzi , Amber Tiller and Alex Cunningham on Defense.
    I would like to put a special thankyou out to John and Lydia Cunningham for cutting their holidays short so Alex could be able to play as they drove quite a distance { 5hrs i was told} to get back in time to play. Thankyou John and Lydia.
   All right to our second game . We came up against Exeter gold who we beat 5-3 in the last league game of the season. They wanted revenge. We had Nathan Campbell start in goal and made some great saves and great kicks in the first half. We were ready for them as a loss and we were done from the gold final. We started out strong with Matt putting one in from Hayden early on and built up a 3-1 lead on goals by Matt again and Hayden . But exeter came back as they got a couple bounces and it was tied 3-3 at the half.In the second half we needed a goal and we were in the final. It was pretty tight until with about 10mins left we put it to rest with 2 goals in about a 5minute span from Caleb Jutzi and Matt and were on our way to the win with a 5-3 victory. Great games again came from everyone from our strong defense who were there when needed such as Amber and Alex as well as Caleb And Amanda who were great as they were so versatile in being able to play up front and helped me out on defense when needed.
The forwards passed well in this game and played hard as well with Callie, Truen, Dylan and Lauryn being there when needed.
    Now we were on to the final and faced the Exeter red team who beat us earlier in the day 3-1. We wanted revenge and the kids wanted the gold as well. We were ready .We had Truen Powell in net for this game and made some great sames and challenged the shooters to just try and beat him. We started out fast as we had an early lead from Hayden to Matt to beat the keeper and start us out to a quick lead. By the end of the first half we had control as long as we didnt let up as we built up a 3-0 lead. We had very strong determined play from all of our players from our defense like Alex , Amber , Caleb, and Amanda when needed to our offense from Dylan, Nathan Lauryn and Callie for passing great and working hard to come back defensively as well.
  In the second half the kids were almost more determined to win as at the start of the game. We came out working harder than the first, almost too hard eh Alex  (add big smile here) We didnt let up as we could see it getting closer as we put 2 more goals in the net with about 5 mins left and we just had to finish working hard the rest of the game as they did right to the end with a 5-0 victory and we finished the season league champs with a little water tossed around as well.
       To let you all know as well how great this team really were throughout the year our record with 9 league games, 5 tournament games, 3 league playoff games and 1 exhibition game  our total record was -- 14wins 2 ties and 2 losses with a total of 79 goals for and only 35 against which would basically average out to 5 goals for and 2 goals against per game.Fantastic job Kids.  
  Special mention goes to Jodie Sullivan who was not able to make it this weekend as she had other commitments this weekend and she deserves credit for this tournament win as well.
  Great job kids as you ALL earned this and worked hard for this.You kids are the best in this league and hope everyone continues next year as you all showed improvement and played great together. I would also like to thank all the Parents for their support and commitment to getting their kids to games and practices this year and special thankyou to Warren Jutzi as well for helping me out with the kids as my assistant this year and posting all the pictures and articles as well this year
 I will be in touch with all parents shortly about our barbeque as well as we seem to have quite a few unable to attend on the 26th so it could be changed.
 Thanks for a great season kids and hope to see all of you in the future as you continue having fun and developing as players. 
                                               Thanks your sincerely happy and very proud coach,

Tournament July 4-5th

Hey Dennis here again with a great team report from my mixed U9 team on the weekend.

       We were in our tournament in Lambeth and had a great result. In the first game Friday we played lambeth Greenhills Pharmacy and were ready to play. We had strong play all around with Callie Van Massenhoven stopping all but one in a 4-1 victory.We had great play and passing from everyone with our offensive coming from Matt Talbot, Nathan Campbell, Hayden Herlick, Truen Powell being our offensive threats while Alex Cunningham was solid as usual on defense along side Dylan Walsh working hard and Amber Tiller playing great Defense as well. We also Had Amanda Vandersanden playing on the front and back lines as well as Jodie Sullivan Playing great in both areas.
    Our second game was early Saturday morning against Tommy Motors. We came out good again with our Keeper Callie Van Massenhoven  in net again making some tough saves including a hard drive in the second half that hit her square in the chest that winded her.Truen Powell stepped in and made some nice saves to help lead us to victory.If we had come out a little slow that would have been understandable  playing at 9am. But once again they were awake and ready to go. We had another geat defensive effort again and scored the big goals when needed with our offensive weapons particular Matt, Hayden , Nathan, and Amanda working hard in one end with Amber, Alex, Dylan and Jodie keeping em all out but 2 for a 5-2 win.
   Next at 11pm we came up against another unbeaten team in Air Design and it was very tough as their keeper came up with many great saves in the first half. We had Truen Start the first half and made some nice diving saves to keep it close.It was close after the first half with many chances and each team trading goals. In the second half Callie was back in between the pipes and we scored early and made it 2-1 . They tied it 2-2 on a penalty shot that Callie got her fingers on but was unable to knock it away. Shortly after we came back and had a little help as we passed the ball well up the field  and put it towards the net and one of their defenders tried to kick it away but put it in the back of their own net. After that we never looked back with Matt popping another one in making it 4-2. They scored one late to make it 4-3 but that is where it ended with another victory for us.  By the way thanks to Matt for staying and his Parents Brian and especially Cathy to allow him to stay for this game instead of attending another venue.
     Next at 1:15am we advanced to the semi-final game to meet our hometown rival the north Middlesex Hawks with Dave and Cathy Willemse on the sidelines coaching against Me. By the way thanks for wearing the pennies Dave. Anyhow this game was lose and go home or win and continue to the final.
  In the first half  we took it to them as Matt and Truen both found the back of the net with strong play by Nathan , Hayden, Dylan and Jodie up front. On the back end we had Alex ,Amanda and Amber all keeping them off the score board. In the second half we had a change in goalies about 10 mins in as Callie had a minor bee sting on her leg and hand but was okay by the end.
Truen stepped in and helped shut the door again in a 2-0 victory.
    At 3:15pm we met in the final against Air Design the team we squeaked out a 4-3 victory earlier in the day. We knew we were gonna be in for a tough game we thought. With Callie in net again making some great acrobatic saves and flexing her pipes later on with play at the other end.
  My kids were ready when played started and were on the board before they even knew what had happened.We were a determined group out their and showed it with Matt ,Nathan ,Truen and Hayden on fire offensively and setting us up for a 5-0 lead at half. We cant forget the  great defensive play of Alex  who also had many chances in this game and would be rewarded later. As well as Amber and Amanda who were solid on the back end. Dylan as well showed determination in this game as he took a hard shot off the stomach and seemed to slow down a bit but was right back at it a few minutes later. Jodie played another solid game as well working at both ends trying to make seeing the shots difficult for the keeper.
 In the second half we kept it up as we popped in 3 more with Alex putting a hard shot in finally from 25ft out and geting a huge cheer from all the fans as he deserved this one after many close chances thru out the tournament. Hayden putt one in later on and Our big scorer Matt put one more in as we finished with a huge 8-2 win allowing them a little to cheer about late in the game.
   We were now the tournament champs and the kids deserved this as they worked as hard and played hard right to the end.Great passing guys and great team play. Hope they all enjoy this and their trophys they each received.They also each were able to get pictures taken holding the big soccerball trophy as well and will have our team name engraved on it.
    By the way a special thanks to all the parents who were there all day and put up with the heat and me, even though it got quite cooler in the end for me. Never even saw the water coming. Thanks John and Brian and anyone else involved. Actually felt really refreshing especially with the A/C turned on while going home.
 Now we will hope to continue our league play this week in West williams on Thursday against a tough Exeter team but are looking at a possible boost with hopefully the return of Caleb Jutzi this week. Hope to see everyone out with Practice as well Wednesday at 6:30 pm
                            Thanks again everyone,  sincerely  Dennis

 click to see celebration video

Thursday July 3

Well kids had a really good night tonight with a good defensive game in the first half , then the flood gates opened. In net the first half Truen Powell was there when needed and made a couple tough saves on a scramble in the box. We had Amber Tiller back today playing strong on defense with Dylan Walsh ,and Alex Cunningham playing hard on the back end. Matt Talbot got things rolling in the first half working well with Lauryn Peeters and Callie Van Massenhoven to make it 1-0. In the second half we seemed to have control of the ball with Jody Sullivan making her first start in goal and making good saves when needed. But the ball seemed to follow Hayden Herlick and Nathan Campbell around as they were ready making good passes and found the back of the net a combined 6 times with Hayden adding 4 and Nathan putting in 2 as one was on a penalty shot with Nathan picking the left corner.We seemed to be inspired a little more as Amanda Vandersanden was a late comer to the game but played hard up front getting some quality chances. Matt Talbot made some nice passes as well and added another goal in the second half as the game finished with a great 8-0 victory. Once again we wish Caleb all the best and hope to see him out as soon as possible when he is healthy again. Great job guys and excellent team work.Lets hope they saved some for Friday as we are off to Lambeth and hope to see everyone there. Thanks Dennis

Thursday June 25

Last Thursday my U9 team went to Grand Bend Short handed as Amber Tiller a strong Defensive player was missing as well as Caleb Jutzi a power forward out due to minor medical issue which we hope is back up and playing soon. We had a slow start but had a good ending result. Grand Bend came at us and took the lead early on a tough shot which Callie Van Massenhoven had no chance on. They scored one more before the half was up but that was it for them with Callie making some nice stops in net. We replied with a goal by Matt Talbot before the half was out and ended the first half down 2-1. In the second half was a different story. Everyone was refreshed and ready to go again. Dylan walsh shut the door in net with Alex Cunningham playing strong defense with Jody Sullivan playing hard back there as well as Lauren Peeters and Amanda Vandersanden. Up front we had strong play to the net with Hayden Herlick getting very good chances with Truen Powell working hard on the wing. We tied it early in the second half with a goal by Matt Talbot. The 3rd goal was a nice passing play from Nathan Campbell and Matt Talbot with Nathan finishing it off on a shot to the left side of the goalie. Matt Talbot scored one more before the end of the game. It finished 4-2 in our favour and hope to repeat that tonight as we travel back to Grand Bend to face a different Grand Bend team. We are also in Lambeth this weekend in a tournament Friday at 7PM , Saturday at 9am and 11 am, and hopefully more pending outcomes. See you there , Dennis

Thursday June 19:

Hey Dennis here once again . I couldn't have received a better B-Day present than this game. It started out a little slow but after about 10 minutes we got Rolling with Matt Talbot making 2 great efforts and had us in the lead 2-0. By the end of the first half we were in cruise control leading 6-0 with 2 goals by Hayden Herlick and 2 by Nathan Campbell. Truen Powell was in net in the first half and had to make a few tough saves and was there when needed. In the second half we mixed things around somewhat position wise and had many really good passing plays with Caleb Jutzi scoring on a bullet shot and Matt Talbot adding 2 more. We had Lauryn Peeters in Net in the second half and was called upon to make some tough saves but kept hte shutout in tact. We had special mentionable performances on Defence and passing the ball from Dylan Walsh , Callie Van Massenhoven, Amber Tiller ,Alex Cunningham, and Amanda Vandersanden Everyone worked hard and everyone had a hand in this win. Great win guys and girls. 9-0
Our next 2 games are in grandbend on the 26th and the 3rd of July as our record is now 3wins 2 ties and one loss. Hope to see everyone out .
I would also like to send the best to Caleb Jutzi and his Family Jeanny ,Warren ,and Justin as Cal the best as Caleb will be unable to play for a few weeks and can't waeb is able to have his minor operation tomorrow and send allit to see him back up and running. Take Care ,
Dennis and the team.

Wednesday June 11: Hey Dennis Here again. Had a nail bitter tonight in Exeter. In the first half we were down 2-0 on 2 really hard shots that Caleb Jutzi didnt have a chance on. We got one later in the half from Matt Talbot and almost tied it then on a great effort by Amanda Vandersanden to get it to Alex Cunningham who just barely missed the lower corner. In the second half Lauren Peeters was in goal as we tied iton a goal by Nathan Campbell. Exeter went ahead 3-2 but Caleb Jutzi tied it 3-3. With about 5 minutes left we went ahead 4-3 on Matt's second goal, but were denied victory with a goal by Exeter on the last play of the game. We had strong defensive performances By Amber, Alex, Callie, and Dylan, while Hayden , Truen, Jodie, and Amanda passed the ball very well together. Our next game is tomorrow June 12th at home in West Williams at 7pm against a Grand Bend team. See you there, Dennis

Thursday June 5: Our u9 team had a very good game this week defeating Exeter #4 Blue 6-1. Matt Talbot had a very strong game scoring 5goals with Nathan Campbell getting the other i think. We had solid goaltending this game from Alex Cunningham and Truen Powell in the 2nd half. We had a Strong passing game as well from Lauren Peeters ,Callie van Massenhoven, Caleb Jutzi ,Hayden Herlick ,Amanda Vandersanden, and a strong defensive game from Dylan walsh ,Amber Tiller and Jody Sullivan. We have a busy weekahead as we play our makeup game on Wednesday in Exeter at7pm and THursday we are back in West Williams against Grand Bend 2. Hope to see everyone. Dennis