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Game Report:

Wednesday July 2

Hey Dennis here as usual. This time first for my U13 team that played last Wednesday on the 2nd against Grand Bend. We had a pretty good game but came up short of time suddenly.  We had a good game in net with Yan Willem Enter who made some key saves to keep it close in the first half. Their only goal I thought was on a questionable penalty call in the box with their kicker picking the left corner on the penalty shot. We came back about 10 mins later with a goal from next years future U13 player Troy Willemse who took a hard shot from the left side that took the goalie by suprise  and rolled over the line. The half ended 1-1 with strong play up front from Russel Harness, Ben Van Massenhoven,  Zack Brown and Matt Tweedle who had some good in close chances. We had strong Midfield play again by Josh Worsley, Matt Klein and Ryan Martin. In the second half the start of it had the sky looking  a little dark. Our Defense played solid with Josh Willemse back from holidays and Jordan Woodburn playing solid and Zack Slinski playing great defense against some of his school friends.Plus Andrew Draisma and Mark Berkers were solid on the outside defnse as well.

  Grand Bend seemed to have luck on their side as the last goal seemed to be passed to a player that appeared to be offside to many, but play continued and the player scored on a shot from inside the 18yard box and found the lower right corner.
 Imediately after the next kick from centre the game was stopped with lighting spotted with 20mins left but the game was ruled in the books as official with Grand Bend winning 2-1.
 This week we have a hometown rival game against the other North Middlesex Team at West Williams hoping to avenge an exhibition loss earlier. Hope to see everyone there Tuesday at 7pm
        Thanks Dennis

Tuesday June 17: 

Last week our U13 team had a really good game but came up just short 3-2 in Exeter. In the first 10 minutes we opened the scoring with a nice set up from Justin Jutzi, to Johnny Hochachka and to Matt klein who finished it off. The Half ended 1-0 with chances at both ends with Russel Harness making some nice saves even after injuring his knee . In the Second half Exeter got on the board with a goal that seemed to sit at the post forever, until the Exeter player beat our defender and keeper to the ball and tapped it in. We came back on a nice break out with Johnny Hochachka finishing it off with a nice move on the sweeper and blew it past the keeper to make it 2-1. Exeter came back 5 Minutes later on a nice cross to the middle and the exeter forward tapped it in to tie it.  We continued to press  hard  but on a couter attack the exeter forward came in hard with our defender pursuing as our keeper Russel came out and hammered it as hard as he could out of the box but unfortunately hit the exeter forward right off the stomach and in the net.  We had 15 mins still to play but could not get it past the exeter keeper, with Zach Sliwinski playing hard at both ends. We also had very strong performances from Jordan Woodburn, Mark berkers  Jan Willem Enter and Andrew Draisma  on the defence, and a really good first game from Russel in  net . Other impressive performances include Josh Worsley, Matt Klein, Justin Jutzi, Ben Van Massenhoven Ryan Martin, and Dan Cadman We play again Wednesday in Glencoe at 7pm and hope to continue where we left off . See you there,    Dennis

Tuesday June 3: Our u13team had a good game tonight winning 3-2 against Lambeth with Johnny Hochachka getting 2 and Justin Jutzi getting the other. In the first half we played good leading 2-1 at the half with their only goal coming on a Penalty shot . We had strong play from our defense with Jordan , Mark, Zach, Ben ,Andrew and Joshua, Other mention goes to Matt Tweddle and Russel who played strong in the Middle. We play again Next Tuesday at home against St.Marys and hope to improve our 3-2 record, Dennis