Coaches Information

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Coaches Information

Scoring Information:

  • within 24 hours, send your scores to and cc it to Michelle Peters at each time. To make this simple we have created a link off the main webpage and the coaching links page called Submit Weekly Scores. Simply click on the link, it will open up in your default email program and fill it in.  If this doesn't work copy information below into email, change information and send to the email addresses above. If scores are not sent in within 24 hours, our club is given a fine. With the number of games each team plays, it can add up quite quickly. Please remember to send in your scores.
  • Michelle Peters is looking after getting the scores each week to the paper
  • When sending in your scores, please do it in this format: 
Soccer Association: North Middlesex
Date: April 6, 2009
Coaches Name: Kathy Willemse
Team Name: North Middlesex Reds
Game #: 1 (will be on the schedule)
Division: U15 girls
Field Location: West Williams
Winning Team Score: North Middlesex 2Losing Team Score: Strathroy 1

Picture Information

  • Individual pictures of each player will be taken on Saturday May 23 at 11:00am after Saturday morning pictures are done. Team pictures will be taken between May 18-29. Michelle Peters will be coming to your home game during these dates and take the team picture. She will be in contact with each coach to let them know the date.

Uniform Sheet:

  • please fill out the number of the uniform that each player takes on the attached sheet and check it off at the end of the season when they return them. It is your responsibility to get each shirt back at the end of the season if possible.
  • In your package, you will find a sample parent letter. If you would like to, you can send out this letter to the parents so that they are better informed of what is happening with your team. Some parents feel a little more comfortable knowing what is going on. It is a good idea to include the dates for the AGM and the pizza party. AGM is on Sept.9 at 7pm and the Family Pizza Party is on Sept. 11 starting at 6:30pm. Both events are held at the Ailsa Craig Community Centre.

Snack list:

  • make up a list of players names and ask a parent volunteer to look after getting each parent to fill in when they would like to supply a fruit snack and then make a copy for each player so that they know when they are to bring snack.
  • Whoever brings fruit snack for that game is responsible for doing the flags for that game as well unless you have someone that will do it each game.

Team Name:

  • I need to know your team name as soon as possible to register it with the league.  Please email me at


  • Our website is Please encourage families to look on it for current information that needs to be passed along. As well, coaches are encouraged to email Warren Jutzi at and set up a team page that you can include pictures, game information, and any other information you would like to put on it. Schedules, maps, scores, etc. can be found on this website.
  • Please fill in the coach’s sheet with in the information that I need in order to insure all of our volunteers.
  • In your package, you will have a list of all Referees, age group that each can ref as well as their phone numbers in case in need to call a referee.  If you are missing any information please email
  • Please have each parent fill out the medical form for each player and keep it with you in your bin. This is in case something happens at a game and the parent might not be there to supply the information the will be needed in case an ambulance is called.

Al information you receive from players is private and confidential. At the end of the season, please destroy all information. As well, please ask each family that phone numbers not be given out as they are for team purposes only.

President:  Kathy Willemse

Coaches Coord: Adam Scherer